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Star of Texas Credit Union is a local, Austin based credit union specializing in Auto Loans, Commercial Fleet and Vehicle Loans,Home Loans and Commercial Property Loans in Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Travis County and the surrounding area.

We offer the best rates and service for all of your home loan, auto loan and commercial loan needs. We proudly serve the following areas: Austin, TX; Buda, TX; Dripping Springs, TX; Pflugerville, TX; Lakeway, TX; Cedar Park, TX; Round Rock, TX; Wells Branch, TX; Pflugerville, TX and all other parts of Travis County, TX

Our Specialties:

  • Manufactured Home loans And Mortgages
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Commercial Vehicle Financing / Fleet Financing
  • Home Loan Refinance
  • Auto Loan Refinance

Austin, Round Rock and Travis County Mortgage Loans: Refinance and Lower Your Interest Rate

Did you know that mortgage interest rates are at 30 year lows? Many of our clients have been able to save thousands of dollars per year simply by refinancing their home mortgage to a lower rate. Our home loan lending department can find you the best mortgage rate and help you reduce your current mortgage rates, helping you save money by getting you the best mortgage interest rates and home lending rates in Austin.

For example, one of our clients had a mortgage rate on his property at over 10%. Our home loan lending department was able to provide him with the best home lending rates, and refinanced his Austin, Texas home to a very low rate, saving him over $350 per month in interest expense. We enjoy serving our clients and providing them with the best mortgage rates for all their home loan, home refinance and home equity needs. In doing so, we develop a reputation of unparalleled service, some of the lowest mortgage rates in Austin, TX and clients that continue to use us for all their heloc, mortgage and refinance needs.

Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit: Use The Equity In Your Home For A Line of Credit

Have you been dreaming about having a pool in your backyard or brand new kitchen appliances? By tapping into your home equity and obtaining a home equity line of credit, you can obtain a home equity mortgage at rates that are at all-time lows. We are currently experiencing some of the best heloc rates of all time, and by obtaining a second mortgage using the equity in your house, you can remodel your bathroom, build a backyard pool or go on a great vacation. The possibilities are almost endless with the Star of Texas Credit Union Home Equity Loan. Our home lending department can help you tap into your home equity to achieve your dreams. And best of all, for helocs and home equity lines, there are no closing costs for loans under $50,000.

Manufactured and Mobile Home Loans: Star of Texas Is Your Mobile Home Mortgage Specialist

Are you in the market for a mobile home or manufactured home mortgage? If so, then trust Star of Texas credit union for all your mobile home loan and manufactured home loan needs. Manufactured homes are an affordable alternative to purchasing a custom built home, especially in this volatile housing market. And with mobile home loan rates and manufactured home mortgage rates at historic lows, Star of Texas can assist you with all your manufactured home loan requirements. Star of Texas home loan lending department recognizes this need and as a result, is pleased to offer manufactured home loans and mobile home loans. Whether you are refinancing in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Buda or any other part of Travis County or whether you are purchasing your first manufactured home or mobile home, we would like to assist you in obtaining the best mortgage rate for your mobile home or manufactured home.

Why Use A Credit Union For Your Home Loan, Home Equity or Refinance Needs?

Credit unions are organizations that are classified as not-for-profit, but still offer the same financial services that other financial institutions offer, including mortgage loans, consumer loans, vehicle loans, home equity loans and numerous other mortgage related products. When you open a credit union account, you are immediately given the status not only of a member, but also as an owner. This gives you, the customer, voting rights and the power to be elected to the Board of Directors. This set-up and organizational structure guarantees that your credit union is not beholden to stockholders, it is beholden to the financial well-being of every one of its members.

This is not to say that credit unions cannot and do not make earnings, or a profit. They do, but the difference is where this profit goes. It goes to its members, instead of management or stockholders. The flow of the profit straight to the credit union’s money reserves ensures the financial security of the institution. Therefore, credit unions are able to stay above the fray and survive economic fluctuations, losses attributed to loans, and dips in incoming income. This is advantageous for credit union members, because the majority of earnings are reinvested and passed down to the members in the fashion of lower mortgage loan rates, home loan rates, home equity line of credit (heloc) rates, consumer loan rates and auto loan rates. These earnings are also returned to shareholders in the form of decreased fees, higher interest rates paid to members, and significantly better service.

For all of the above stated reasons, Star of Texas Credit Union ensures their mortgage rates in Austin, TX; Round Rock and all surrounding areas remain low for all members. This is why people throughout Austin, TX and the surrounding areas choose Star of Texas for all their mobile home loan, manufactured home loan, home equity loan, home loan, vehicle loan and refinance needs.

Loan And Finance Company: Home Loans Are At 30 Year Lows

Now is truly the time to take advantage of today’s low interest rates. Home lending rates, vehicle and auto lending rates, consumer loan rates and the ability to refinance into a secure and low rate mortgage have never been this good. For example, new vehicle interest rates start at 1.99% APR* and used vehicle interest rates are as low as 2.49% APR*. Five (5) year home equity loans start at just 5.75% APR*. But these are just some examples of the amazingly low interest rates being offered by Star of Texas throughout Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. If you or someone you know has a high home loan payment or a high interest rate on their mortgage, have them call us. Our home loan lending department as well as vehicle and auto lending department has been assisting Austin residents and others in the community to refinance their homes and obtain home equity loans at the best mortgage rates since our charter was obtained in 1952. Star of Texas Credit union strives to provide the best mortgage rates, mortgage loans and other financial services to our members. We are pushing forward to make the credit union stronger financially, so that our members can become stronger financially.

Vehicle, Auto and Commercial Fleet Loan In Austin, Texas

Before you go to the dealership and obtain auto financing from them, we would like you to compare what Star of Texas can offer you on an auto loan. Our auto loan rates are some of the lowest in the Austin, TX area, with new vehicle interest rates starting at 1.99% APR* and used vehicle interest rates as low as 2.49% APR*. Dealerships will often get you auto financing and vehicle financing by sending your auto loan to another institution in order for them to make more money on your auto loan by raising your interest rate as well as charging you more for GAP insurance and warranties. Before you sign up for that dealer’s auto loan, stop and let us help you save money on your auto and vehicle loans. At Star of Texas Credit Union, we offer new and used vehicle loans at low competitive rates. Additionally, we welcome auto and vehicle loan refinances.

Get Pre-Approved

Did you know that you could get an instant pre-approval for your next vehicle loan and auto loan? You can contact Star of Texas and have us walk you through the secure on-line, auto-loan application and you can find out if you are pre-approved for an auto loan. This means that you do not have to worry about being taken advantage of by the dealership when applying for an auto loan. You will be able to negotiate your deal as if you were buying cash. All because you were pre-approved for an auto loan by Star of Texas Credit Union. Just give our auto loan lending department a call to get pre-approved for a vehicle loan, find your dream car and go!

Boats and Recreational Vehicles

Do you like to enjoy the great outdoors in a boat or R.V.? Are you looking to purchase a new boat or R.V. or wanting to refinance your boat loan or R.V. Loan? Look to Star of Texas Credit Union to help you in saving money with your next R.V. or boat loan. We offer competitive interest rates on boats and R.V.’s and can help you refinance if needed.


Did you know that Star of Texas Credit Union offers great interest rates on motorcycle loans? That’s right. If you need to refinance a motorcycle loan, obtain a motorcycle loan or obtain motorcycle financing, you can count on Star of Texas. Stop by and check us out when you are looking to purchase a new or used motorcycle or to refinance your motorcycle loan.

Commercial Vehicle Financing and Commercial Fleet Loans

Star of Texas Credit Union not only offers a wide variety of loans for personal autos, we also offer commercials vehicle loans and commercial fleet loans for your company or business needs. Whether your company needs to obtain one loan for a commercial vehicle, or needs to finance or refinance a number of commercial vehicles, Star of Texas has what you need. We offer low interest rate financing on commercial and business vehicles. Call us today to find out how Star of Texas Credit Union can help you reduce costs by lowering your interest rate on your commercial fleet through lower auto loan rates.